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DirectShow Dump Filter


This filter allows, when added to a DirectShow graph, any audio or video stream to be dumped to disk. It can take the place of an audio or video renderer. Using a Tee filter, it can dump a stream from any intermediate filter in the graph. It's typical use is in conversion graphs. Care is taken to preserve the presentation time stamps, even when running faster than the indicated playback speed.

For integration in commercial applications ask for the HDTV Filter SDK.


Sample Graph

Fig 1: The screenshot shows the use of the HDTVDump filter in an HDTV conversion graph. A HD file in Quicktime 7 H.264 format is reencoded to a MPEG-2 transport stream.

About Box

Fig 2: About box


  • Dumps any audio/video stream to disk
  • Preserves original presentation time stamps
  • Acts as a renderer
  • Advises time and periodic
  • Dumps large amounts of data (HD Streams)
  • Supports seeking in editing applications

Demo HDTV H.264 Streams

Batman Begins

HD Gallery apple.com: Batman Begins 115 MB

Space Shuttle

HD Gallery apple.com: NASA Space Shuttle 45 MB


- Windows 2000 SP2 / Windows XP
- DirectX 9
Location: ./projects/hdtvdump/


HDTVDump.ax Version 1.1.0
Nov 11, 2005  242 KB

Old Versions

HDTVDump.ax Version 1.0.0
May 29, 2005  253 KB