DVBPortal TV Viewer Plugins


Place the DLLs and accompanying files into the "Plugins" directory. Most plugins install a sub menu in the context menu.

The number of simultanously active plugins is limited to five.


E.P.G. v. 039.6
by Relict Marauder. This plugin features a full blown electronic program guide with full text search, what's on now and export facilities.  
EPG for Canal+
by Cenas. This plugin shows the 7 day EPG for providers that use MediaHighWay format and features a html export facility. You can select custom languages and sort programs. Full source is included. 
MDTeleText Version 0.62
by Pellefant. This plugin features teletext with toptext, a full page cache and sub page navigation.
MegaRadio.Net Plugin Version 1.01
This plugin allows recording of mp3s on the NBC Giga channel. Unfortunately MegaRadio isn't on air anymore.
CAPI Sample Vers. 1.2
by Vlinders
This sample demonstrates CAPI class based plugins.
Location: ./projects/plugins/