DVBPortal HDTV Pump Filter

MPEG2 Transport Stream source filter


This DirectShow filter allows playback of ATSC/DVB .ts files in any player application that uses DirectShow including Zoom Player, Microsoft Media Center 2005 and Microsoft Media Player 10.

The filter uses the push mode to ensure smooth playback of HDTV/SDTV files. The accompanied WMP plug-in features a transport stream editor for A-B cuts which preserves all PIDs and tables.

The source filter allows the selection of individual programs and audio tracks in the stream.

For integration in commercial applications Order the HDTVPump SDK which includes a distribution license.


HDTVPump in Zoomplayer w/ 2 Audio Tracks HDTVPump in WMP10

HDTVPump Properties HDTVPump PID Statistics


  • Play ATSC/DVB .ts files in your favorite player software
  • High precision pump filter architecture
  • HDTV support
  • AC3/MPEG1/MPEG2 audio tracks
  • Shared file access for playing while recording

Demo HDTV TS Streams

DVICO Site: hdtv_demo.tp 71 MB

Nasa Site: abc.mpg 330 MB (rename to .ts)

Kevin Yee Site: hilary.zip 138 MB

Requirements for HDTV Playback

- Pentium III 700 or better
- HDTV capable MPEG codec
- Windows 2000 SP2 / Windows XP
- DirectX 9
Location: ./projects/hdtvpump/


HDTVPump Version 1.0.7
Aug 1, 2005  844 KB

Old Versions

HDTVPump.ax Version 1.0.5
Mar 22, 2005  253 KB
HDTVPump.ax Version 1.0.4
Feb 13, 2005  251 KB
HDTVPump.ax Version 1.0.3
Feb 6, 2005  250 KB
HDTVPump.ax Version 1.0.2
Jan 15, 2005  238 KB