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DVBPortal TV Viewer

DVBPortal TV Viewer is a Windows® based application that uses the latest technologies to experience digital TV right on your desktop.
DVBPortal for myHTPC

myHTPC is a highly customizable, menu driven front end that allows you, among other things, to launch external programs, browse pictures and large collections of almost any type of media stored on your computer.
DVBPortal HDTV Pump Filter

This DirectShow filter allows playback of ATSC/DVB .ts files in any player application that uses DirectShow including Zoom Player, Microsoft Media Center 2005 and Microsoft Media Player 10.
DVBPortal HDTV Dump Filter

This filter allows, when added to a DirectShow graph, any audio or video stream to be dumped to disk. It can take the place of an audio or video renderer. Using a Tee filter, it can dump a stream from any intermediate filter in the graph. It's typical use is in conversion graphs. Care is taken to preserve the presentation time stamps, even when running faster than the indicated playback speed.
DVBPortal MP4Muxer

This is a new muxer tool for MP4 streams based on mp4creator. It combines H264 video tracks and AAC audio tracks. Muxes are compatible with Quicktime, Apple TV, XBox and many others.
DVBPortal TSConverter

This program converts transport streams (TS files) into the DVR-MS file format used by Windows Media Center Edition.

Choose from these skins to modify the apperance of DVB Portal TV Viewer.
Channel Lists

Choose from these ready made satellite channel lists for various satellites.

Extends DVB Portal Viewer with these plug-ins for added functionality.
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