DVB Portal TV Viewer

A New Program for B2C2 Based SkyStar 2 Cards


DVB Portal TV Viewer is a Windows® based application that uses the latest technologies to experience digital TV right on your desktop.

The product empowers viewers to watch live DVD quality MPEG2 video and audio on PCs using a low-budget PCI card or optional by network streaming.


  • Watch live television channels, such as local news or world events to any PC.
  • Record DVD quality material by streaming live content to disk.
  • Listen to CD quality radio, such as your favorite stations or news services.


  • Multi PID streaming with up to 4 audio tracks including AC3
  • Very fast channel navigation
  • Time shifting
  • HDTV live viewing and recording
  • AC3 sound
  • A small memory footprint
  • Support for plugins
  • Option to record without rendering (very low cpu usage)
  • Recording in TS, MPEG, PVA and DVR-MS formats
  • EPG, MP3 Radio, etc. (via plugins)
  • Teletext, Top-Text. (via plugin)
  • Selectable filters and skins
  • Integration with Windows XP Media Center Edition
  • Integration with myHTPC

- Pentium III 700 or better
- B2C2 based PCI card
- TV4PC software
- Windows 2000 SP2 / Windows XP
- DirectX 8 or higher
- MS Jet 4.0 OleDB Provider
Location: ./projects/tvviewer/


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