DVBPortal TV Viewer Skins


Extract all files into the "skins" directory retaining the directory structure from the archive.

Then install the new skin by following these steps:

  • From the context menu choose Options.
  • Select the skins subfolder from the newly extracted skin archive.
  • Click on OK.
  • Close the options dialog. The new skin is displayed.
  • To select already installed skins, choose Set Skin from the context menu.


Media Player Look-&-Feel

The built-in default skin.
BWD MediaTower v2

by Facid on February 23, 2003
Remake of a WinAMP skin.
BWD MediaTower v3

by Facid on March 9, 2003
Remake of a WinAMP skin.
BWD ClassiX

by Facid on March 2, 2003
Remake of a WinAMP skin.
GeisterSkin Green

by Facid on April 24, 2003
Remake of a WinAMP skin.
Orange Juice

by Facid on June 6, 2003
Adaption of a WinAMP skin.
Hitlist V1.0

by Crypto on Dec 15, 2003
A new DVBPortal skin.
OrangeJuiceRadio V1.0

by Lubos on Jan 14, 2004
A controller mode radio and TV skin.
Location: ./projects/skins/