DVBPortal MP4Muxer

A MP4 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer based on mp4creator w/ QT support


This is a new muxer tool for MP4 streams based on mp4creator. It combines H264 video tracks and AAC audio tracks. Muxes are compatible with Quicktime, Apple TV, XBox and many others.

The newest version allows to multiplex AC-3 multi channel tracks conforming to the newly released ISO/IEC 14496-12 Annex F. It also features a MPEG-4 stream analyzer.

MP4Muxer is the GUI frontend of mp4creator. It provides easy and fast access to mp4creator's complex command line options. Both tools are designed to work seamlessly and fully integrated.

Details about mp4creator, as well as its latest builds, can be found at the SourceForge project web.


MP4Muxer Multiplex Tab

Fig 1: MP4Muxer Multiplex Tab

MP4Muxer Demultiplex Tab

Fig 2: MP4Muxer Demultiplex Tab

MP4Muxer Stream Analyzer

Fig 3: MP4Muxer Stream Analyzer Tab

Solving Common Quicktime Problems

MP4Muxer solves a common problem with streams that contain b-frames. The Quicktime player does not recognize the video data track size and thus, most editing and saving features are broken, when using other multiplexers.

Missing Video Track Data Size when using other multiplexers

Fig 3: Missing Video Track Data Size when using other multiplexers

(mostly from mp4creator):

  • create mpeg4 files from elementary streams (mp3, aac, ac3, mp4v, h263, h264 and .mpg files)
  • hint mpeg1/2/4, h264, h264 video, mp3 audio (rfc 2250 and 3119), AMR and aac audio
  • extract elementary streams from mp4 files (adding headers, if needed)
  • create and/or encrypt files to the ISMA 1.0 specifiation
  • create 3GPP files from H.263 and/or AMR files
  • supports QT including edts/elst boxes (no more missing data size in video track)
  • anamorphic resize support
  • chapter support including chapter editor
  • drag-&-drop support
  • includes GUI and CLI interfaces
  • no installation required, just unpack zip

Demo MP4 Streams

Music And Lyrics Clip (480p)
Fig 4: Music And Lyrics Clip (480p)

Music And Lyrics-iPhone.m4v 6.2 MB

Music And Lyrics-720p.mov 56 MB


- Windows 2000 SP2 / Windows XP / Vista
- Windows .Net Framework 2.0
Location: ./projects/mp4muxer/


MP4Muxer Version 0.9.3 
Oct 02, 2008 308 KB

Old Versions

MP4Muxer Version 0.9.2 
Aug 09, 2008 292 KB
MP4Muxer Version 0.9.1 
Jun 30, 2008 224 KB
MP4Muxer Version 0.9 
Jun 05, 2008 205 KB